Climbing to new heights

Took these a while ago and have had the hardest time getting them to upload.

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Not Sharing

I want to share something that might be a bit controversial.  Here it is:  For now, I’m not going to make my son share.  Not even after he snatches a toy from another child.  And even though (currently, at least) he is by far more often the one snatched from, I don’t expect another child’s parent to make their kid share with mine.  Am I just being crazy? Continue reading

Jumping Beans!

In the video, Sean and his cousin are playing on the playpen mattress, which had been left on the floor.  He’s practicing a new favorite–jumping!  Just this week Sean has started actually doing little hops where he gets both feet off the ground simultaneously.

Click on this sentence to see a quick 6 second video of my little Jumping Bean!

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