Welcome baby Cora Willow!

I haven’t been on here for quite awhile and I’ve been remiss since lots has been going on.  Primarily, this year I grew a person in my body and…

39.5 weeks- 3 days before my due date, the day after 12 hours of prodromal labor, 4 days before Cora was finally born.

39.5 weeks- 3 days before my due date, the day after 12 hours of prodromal labor, 4 days before Cora was finally born.

…last week she finally ripened up and decided to come out!!

Team Hampton is now one more body strong.  =)

Please say hi to our new baby girl, Cora Willow:

Baby Cora, 1 day old

Baby Cora, 1 day old

Born on Thursday, 10/2/14 at 10:28pm after 3 hours of super intense labor (and I thought Sean can out fast after 6!). She weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 20″ long.  I had a wonderful home birth and I was finally able to have the baby in the tub and catch her myself!  She came out, popped in her thumb, spent a couple minutes of looking about, and promptly went to sleep.

She is a great baby. She’s an especially good sleeper, which is super nice since Seany wasn’t. By now, I feel mostly able to satisfy her cries so she doesn’t cry much or for very long.  Our biggest difficulty has been with breastfeeding. I got help early from one of the midwives and even though nothing was magically fixed, it was encouraging to know she was getting some milk and doing ok (considering). We just had to wait and see for a few days, me doing the best I could. She had lost a total of 5 oz by our Monday doctor visit but within a couple days after that she was already visibly plumping up.  =)

love those little clasped hands

Baby Cora, almost 1 week old

She’s had a touch of jaundice but otherwise is super healthy!  Things are settling in now, we’re starting to learn her cries and her ways (like she loves to pee while you’re changing her and then poop in the clean diaper- super fun.)

Charles has been a trooper, doing all the stuff I usually do, all the stuff he usually does (which is quite a bit), plus a bunch of work stuff to make sure the substitute teacher would have what he needed to cover his classes. Good job Churros!!

It’s been kinda overwhelming so far, but thanks to help from family and friends most days, things have been tolerable.

Life with two kiddos is definitely going to be an adventure and I hope to update here more often so that you can tag along with us!


~Team Hampton

p.s. We’ve been getting some questions on how we picked the name. I got the idea for Cora from the character in Downton Abbey and because I saw it on a name list online but mainly because we both like it!  Turns out, it’s my grandfather’s maternal grandmother’s name, which is super cool for me since I really wanted a family name but we were having a hard time finding one we wanted to use. Willow is a name I have liked for many years and I feel represents my growing crunchy side. I like the image of this tree, beautiful, strong yet flexible…visions of nature and wilderness, or perhaps just sitting near a quiet pond.

Image from: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bloedel_Reserve_Willow_Tree.jpg#file

I like willow trees. 🙂

I think the combination of a rare old classic with something a little more hippyish struck just the vibe we were looking for.


At last!!

Charles and I are very excited to announce that he has finally secured not only his teaching credential but a job to go with it!  Hooray!!
Sean Cheers

He was specially chosen for this new position by the school staff where he has been intermittently substitute teaching and more recently doing some private tutoring/teaching a student with anxiety issues such that he could not attend school proper. The new job will include teaching one ‘real’ class in the morning (Math) as well as teaching/tutoring 4 periods a day to help remedial students catch up in their studies.  It’s similar to a long term substitute job in terms of work load and pay but hey, it’s guaranteed work 5 days a week!  It all came together super fast- The idea was first mentioned to Charles last Friday and he starts work in two days!  =) 

We’re excited to have a bit more financial stability for this season.  He’s also lined up to teach summer school History again this year.  It’s looking like we’re set until Fall!  Charles has been and will continue looking for a full time teaching position for Fall of this year. He hopes to teach US History or at least something in the social studies arena!  But has his English CSET all ready and is considering working toward meeting the requirements to teach Math as well.

Sean and I will sure miss having Daddy home so much but we know we’ve been really lucky to have so much time with him here.  Sean is really close to Charles and they have such a fun time together.  It’s really cute to watch them play.  I’m lucky to have a super involved hubby who bounced Sean for hours to get him to sleep as a baby, now blinks nary an eyelash at the most potent poops, and who rushed in to save the day that time I got all covered in Seany throw-up.  Blech…  Lately, Charles has been cooking up a storm- serving up three pile meals, with veggies even!  I’m hoping that keeps going after work starts up….   A girl can dream, right?