Bouncing Around

Soooo…. I feel like tons of things have been going on for us lately yet at the same time not much at all.  The one big thing we did is a great trip out to see family in Virginia!  Alas, I only took one short video of Sean bouncing on the trampoline the very first morning and one or two more blurry (or unflattering) pics later on.  =(

Case in point:


A blurry pic of Charles sweet, cut arm muscles from his budding push up regimen.

Charles got sucked into is really excited about this push up contest he joined where you have to do 100 pushups per 24 hour period every day for six months.  There is money involved.  I will give him some credit since he’s been knocking those suckers out every day since and it’s doing some good things, let me tell you!  Not complaining anymore.  =)

I have started doing yoga recently.  I originally went with my mom to check it out and see if it’d be a good fit for both of us.  It’s been a nice bonding activity.  It has also been great for me!  I feel like I have my body back (to some degree) in a way I haven’t since Sean was born almost 3 years ago!  I started looking into yoga since my Doc recommended it to help with a problem I was having in my hip joint.  Apparently it’s really common in newer moms– your quads can take over when your abs get all weak from pregnancy and it’s exacerbated my sitting and hunching and you know, being alive.  =)  So I needed to strengthen my core muscles and tell my upper thigh muscles to chill out.  It has been SO HELPFUL.  Now I try to go three times a week.  It also helps me be more zen or something.  But in all seriousness, I can tell a difference each time I come home – I’m more relaxed yet energized.  Anyway, enough on the yoga commercial.

Did I mention I did a CIRCUS class?  My sisters have been going for awhile and I finally got the guts to try it out.  It was pretty crazy.  As an ex-gymnast with low flexibility and like, zero muscles now, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had SO MUCH FUN.  It was also crazy hard and my arms felt like jello for a full 24 hours before they turned into exhausted soreness sticks coming out of my torso.  But I’m recovering slowly and already I want to go again!!  I am beginning to realize how maybe being active in ways I enjoy has a stronger effect on my personal well-being than I thought.

Maybe I should go swing dancing more often (Charles and I went recently for a date night- he’s getting good!!)  and before I know it I’ll be busy almost every night!  Guess that means I don’t have a baby anymore….

And did I mention he’s almost 3?!??!?  Time flies.  But at least right now, I feel like we’re flying with it!