Fun with PhotoBooth/ Missing Daddy

Mommy eats Sean's leg for a tasty snack.

Sean and I had a fun morning playing with PhotoBooth on my computer while we struggled through the last day of Daddy being out of town.

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Charles went up to Washington to visit an old friend for about 5 days.  We both missed him lots!  These pics are our way of coping?  That is, passing the time on the difficult morning of day 5.

I have an ever-growing appreciation for all that he does for us.  Cleaning the litter box, mowing the grass, doing the dishes, laundry, helping out with Sean a bunch and so much more– He’s a superstar!!  (Love you Babe.)




5 thoughts on “Fun with PhotoBooth/ Missing Daddy

    • Yeah, he does all that and more– definitely a keeper. I mowed our grass for the first time ever while he was gone. Took forever, was exhausting and I got a blister on each hand. =( So, hey, don’t knock grass mowing… That’s rougher than I thought! Good for Royce. I imagine folding the laundry could be a difficult thing to motivate a teenager to do!

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