Ahoy, mateys!!  It’s Halloween night!  Sadly, we have no candy.  Well, almost none.  =)  As I write this, I can hear some kids outside yelling ‘Trick-or-treat!’ as they traipse
across our yard.  I think they hope we’ll come out with the candy, even though our lights are off.  Seany’s conked out for the night and we don’t want him to get woken up. Charles and I really make an effort to prioritize his sleep. This is actually one of the first nights in his whole 2 years of life that we have purposely let him stay up beyond his latest regular bedtime.  All the way till 7 pm!  Just like my glory days.  He didn’t even make it half-way home before he fell asleep in his carseat.  The poor scurvy ridden scalawag.

Our evening began when we went to my parents house to pick Sean up after an appointment.  We got all suited up in our pirate outfits there.  I know you are all dying to see how our make-shift pirate ensembles turned out!  But first, what makes a costume complete?  Playing with exaggerated make-up, of course!  My mom is the queen of Halloween costume make-up.  At least in my eyes!  As a little kid, I loved when my mom put blush and lipstick on us; sometimes even eyeshadow!  For Sean, I was going to use eye liner to Jack Sparrow him up.  Unfortunately, the tip had gotten crushed in my bag and we couldn’t find a sharpener.  My mom came up with the great idea of using mascara to draw on facial hair for Sean and Charles since it gives that more realistic hair-like texture. I  think this turned out even better than what I was originally imagining doing!

It was so fun to get all dressed up in a way I hadn’t done since childhood.  I especially loved that Charles was as into it as I was and that the two of us could share this fun holiday experience with Sean.  I realized that the part I like best is the planning and searching for components that will make the costume just right, especially if we can mostly use things we have already and only have to make or buy one or two pieces.  On the drive home, Charles mentioned that this was a dream come true for him- putting together costumes that look good without just going out and buying a ready-made one.  For me, getting those enthusiastic and positive remarks on our ‘work,’ sharing the experience with both of our families but most importantly Sean, and the fun of seeing the pictures in years to come will be the things that I treasure most.  And there’s nothing that us pirates love more than treasure!  Y’eaaaaarrrrrrrrgh!

Oh, and speaking of those pictures…  Here are the only ones we got on my camera-  Didn’t get any full body ones… Alas!  Maybe more to come later if Momu sends the ones she took and doesn’t mind us posting- so check back!

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p.s. Thanks for taking these mom!