Sean is 2!

Little Sean is officially 2 years old!  Since we didn’t have a huge party and I haven’t taken any great pics recently, I thought you might like to know some of his current ‘things.’

For one thing, he has started incorporating words like ‘thing’ and ‘everything’ or ‘everyone.’  It might not sound that exciting, but for us it’s a fun development away from the simple nouns and verbs that used to delight when they were new.

Sean’s current loves:  Animals- particularly crocodiles, hippos, elephants, giraffes, and recently, poison dart frogs. Looking at all the birdies in our North American bird guide. Curious George (or Monkey George as Sean calls him). Reading ‘all self’ and by himself (nice for us!)  Building towers and knocking them over with gusto, ‘wumping!'(i.e. jumping), playing with his grandparents, family and friends, eating nuts and raisins for breakfast, and a new favorite pastime -ring around the rosie- especially the falling down!

Dislikes:   When another kid tries to take a toy he is holding, getting ready for bed (mainly the stopping playing for the night…), and boogies (he’s a little sick right now, poor wee thing).  =)

He’s a pretty agreeable little fellow!


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