Oh, Pooh

The other day Charles, Sean and I were driving home and Sean kept saying something that I couldn’t quite understand.  He was Continue reading


If you give a Sean a blueberry…

It’s nap time. Well, a bit past nap time really. But for once it was not too hot and we were playing outside and I was getting some weeding done and everything was going so well!

Eventually we Continue reading

Not Sharing

I want to share something that might be a bit controversial.  Here it is:  For now, I’m not going to make my son share.  Not even after he snatches a toy from another child.  And even though (currently, at least) he is by far more often the one snatched from, I don’t expect another child’s parent to make their kid share with mine.  Am I just being crazy? Continue reading

Our little scholar

I’m very happy to have a kid that enjoys books so much, especially since Charles and I both love reading.  The other day Sean came up to me saying, “Green book! Green book! Read green book?”  I didn’t know what book he was referring to, but that was quickly resolved when he procured the ‘green book’ off of Daddy’s bookshelf.  He occasionally likes to pull down these books just to thumb through the pages and I can see why he was drawn to this one more than the others- at least it had pictures!  So, what book was it?    Continue reading