Climbing to new heights

Took these a while ago and have had the hardest time getting them to upload.

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Not Sharing

I want to share something that might be a bit controversial.  Here it is:  For now, I’m not going to make my son share.  Not even after he snatches a toy from another child.  And even though (currently, at least) he is by far more often the one snatched from, I don’t expect another child’s parent to make their kid share with mine.  Am I just being crazy? Continue reading

Water Play

Lately, the weather has been SO HOT.  If I go outside at 7am, I do not expect it to be 84 degrees!!  I want to get back inside ASAP.  Blech.  Sean, however, does not seem to mind the heat and still wants to play outside.  So, outside naked time plus water play is my go-to solution to keep both him and me from totally melting or getting burned to a crisp.

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The Journey to Reno


Recently, we went on an epic road trip up to Reno, Nevada with our not-quite-2-year-old..  Why did we drive?  Why not fly?  (We wanted to save $900?  We don’t like schedules?)

Well, whatever we were thinking, we drove.  And it took just about 10.5 hours each way–  Goodtimes!   Continue reading