About Us

Who is a part of Team Hampton?  

On the smallest scale we are a family of 3.  Charles and Elizabeth Hampton married in 2008 and welcomed their first son Sean in 2010.  Sean (also known as Seany, the squishers, Seany-boy, etc.) will be 2 this October.

On a larger scale, Team Hampton can include you!  Team Hampton can be expanded to mean different things, referring most often to us AND individual friends and family- to cheer on and thank the people who are around and help support us as we go along.

How did the phrase “Go Team Hampton!” came about? 

Charles (and his mother, independently!) started referring to us Hamptons as ‘Team Hampton’ and the “Go” phrase is now most often used as a kind of “Go us!” or “Whew! We survived!” or “Wow, I think we handled that rather well!”


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