When I was a kid, I loved Halloween.  Mainly the candy.  I still love the candy.  But now that I’m a grown-up, costumes still seem fun but the whole thing seems to have lost some of it’s allure.  Maybe it’s because it’s me who has to do all the work!  But I want our kids to experience that excitement that I remember from my youth.

When I was little, it was fun getting dressed up- especially when we got to wear a costume to school too!  I looked forward to getting to stay up and run around so late at night (probably was like 7pm) trick-or-treating as far as our parents and our little legs could handle.  Oddly, I don’t have strong memories of wanting a particular costume or even knowing what I was going to be for Halloween much in advance.  But my mom knocked out some really nice costumes for us and I am not sure how (meaning when!) she did it.  I fondly remember a pink fairy with wand and all, wonder woman, gypsies with colorful tiered skirts…

Every year since we got married, I keep hoping to somehow recapture that holiday spirit I felt as a kid.  Of course, I want to do this without having to expend any extra energy since it’s all I can do to get through the day half the time- especially since Charles is working more lately.  But I did get a pumpkin a few weeks ago!  Charles and I have talked about a family theme costume idea.  That is the extent of our holiday preparations until last night.

So, I have actually been working on Seany’s costume for a while now.  And by ‘working,’ I mostly mean ‘think of a costume that we could contrive primarily using components from things we already have and make a list of those items so I don’t forget and have to think it up again, again.’  =)  But last night I started making the costume for reals.

The first thing I had to do to get the ball rolling was to find the clothes I thought he had that could help make the base.  And good thing too!  Looks like we’re going to have to do some laundry…   Next, I pulled out the fabric I just bought to whip up a most excellent tiny pirate vest!  After a few false starts (sewing arm holes closed, having to cut out hems, doing things in the wrong order and trying to figure a way around my mistakes) and many hours of work into the wee small hours of the night, I did it!!  This morning, we tried it on and it fits!  I thought it might be too big but it’s almost too small– but I don’t even care- it will work!

No pics for now but hopefully we can whip up the rest for Charles and my costumes and get a super cute family Halloween pic this year.  We’ve been invited to go trick-or-treating in Charles’ childhood neighborhood with Momu (his mom).  Hopefully all the cuteness will get us a good haul!!  I even made Sean his own loot sack so he can hold his own booty.  The one part I’m not excited about is anticipating having to carry him and his booty most of the way.  Hope his little legs can hold up!

What shenanigans do you go through to get Halloween costumes together?  To get into the spirit for holidays?  What is your favorite holiday?  Is it because of the candy?  =)


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