Jumping Beans!

In the video, Sean and his cousin are playing on the playpen mattress, which had been left on the floor.  He’s practicing a new favorite–jumping!  Just this week Sean has started actually doing little hops where he gets both feet off the ground simultaneously.

Click on this sentence to see a quick 6 second video of my little Jumping Bean!

He’s loved bouncing followed by a ‘jump’ [more like a big step after some bobbing, as seen in this video] for a few months now.  Unfortunately, he has discovered the bounciness of his crib mattress and, combined with the stabilizing rails, nap time is turning into bounce house time!

The link above goes to a video I posted to my Facebook account.  It should go directly to the video page.  Please let me know if you can’t see it- or if you did, what you think!


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