Oh, Pooh

The other day Charles, Sean and I were driving home and Sean kept saying something that I couldn’t quite understand.  He was holding something but I couldn’t really see since I was driving. Turns out he was ‘reading’ a Winnie the Pooh book that we’d grabbed on the way out.  The reason I couldn’t figure out what he was saying was because it seemed like nonsense even when I could finally hear him clearly.  He was repeating “Window Pooh”

“Window Pooh… window Pooh…”

as he flipped through the pages – basically each time he saw good ol’ Poohbear in a picture!  I thought it was super cute.

Today, Sean and I read the first story in our collection book of Pooh stories and he sat and listened pretty well to the whole thing. (I skipped a little bit of the narration between the author and Christopher Robin since that seemed confusing for him.)  I had tried to read Sean these stories before but he basically had no patience for it so we put it on hold for awhile.  I was kinda amazed at how his attention span has grown in just a few months!

He also LOVES when Charles (or I) sing him the Winnie the Pooh song from both of our childhood days…

(For a link to a youtube video to the song I mean click here!  Music starts about 4 seconds in.) Ah, good memories.

…And doesn’t C.R. look a tiny bit like Seany-boy?  =)


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