Birth Story, Part 2

So, sorry to leave you hanging!!  When we left off, I was 8 cm dilated, getting chilly in the tub, trying to prepare mentally for another 5,000 hours of labor.  Better to brace yourself for the worst, right?  =P  If you missed Part 1, click here to check it out.

Time had no meaning.  On the one hand, contractions seemed to last forever and be really painful.  On the other, I kept thinking that this labor thing seemed ‘not too bad’ and that I could handle this all day.  Then the midwife had me get out of the tub.  I was NOT happy about this.  Keep in mind, I had only started having real (=painful) contractions maybe about 4 hours ago?  This move made things waaay more painful.  I was already at 8 cm and she wanted to hurry things up a bit?  With hindsight, I wish I had been able to speak my mind more and do what felt most comfortable for at least a while longer.  But who knows, maybe without this intervention we would have had a much rougher time in the end.  I trusted her enough to know she had my best interest in mind, if not my maximum comfort.  =)

The rest of the time seemed even more hazy than the first part.  I know I was on our bed for a bit, then Margo (the midwife) had me try a few contractions on the toilet.  After a few half-hearted practice pushes, I did one or two more hearty ones and my water broke!!  I was so surprised that I literally thought maybe my baby just fell out into the toilet bowl.  I was kinda freaking out- at least for a second.  Pretty much the rest I remember includes getting back in bed, holding Charles’ hand, worrying a bit that Christy wasn’t looking to well, and lots of primal yelling on my part.  I mean, I have this out-of-body dim memory of me just screaming- Like, screaming screaming during contractions.  And I don’t scream.  I don’t yell or even talk loudly very often.  If anything, I’m known for being so quiet as to be inaudible way too often.  So that part is very strange for me.

My mom told me something about birth being very primal and I really took it to heart along with ideas like ‘trust your body’ and ‘your body knows what to do, you just have to get out of the way and let it.’   My main thoughts toward the end were along the lines of, ‘I know that must be the head coming out.’ (nope) and ‘I know that must be the head coming out for reals.’ (still nope.) Good variety, I know.  Until at last, they told me not to push too much and I was like “AAAAAAUUUUGGGGRRRRRRRRGHHH I CAN’T STOP Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhh.”  Done.  I guess I didn’t hold back enough because that baby came right out.  I got to hold that squishy little guy right away and I was so glad.  Honestly, I was mostly so glad that the worst of labor was over, but I was really glad to meet the tiny little person behind all the bumps and wiggles I had been feeling in my belly for so long.  It was kinda weird to have him in my arms.  I knew I would grow to love my squishy little squishers more and more as time went on.  I also knew it was ok if i wasn’t totally overcome with love right now.  I was exhausted, and reeling a bit from the whole experience.

Unfortunately, I had to have some stitches due to tearing in a couple places (When they tell you to hold back, I dare you not to push if you can, ladies!  Why do they ask us to do something that seems so impossible??  Good for you if you managed it!) and I had to get a shot (my least favorite- bothered me more mentally- even just thinking about it theoretically!, than the whole labor) due to some mild hemorrhaging.  Everything else was fine with me, and most importantly, the baby was fine too.

So, a little less than 6 hours after having my first really hurty contraction, my little squishers was born.  As far as I knew, we hadn’t totally decided on a name but then Charles announced our only mutual top pick to everyone.  And so it was that Sean Westley Hampton came into the world.


3 thoughts on “Birth Story, Part 2

  1. I can’t believe it’s almost been two years! I remember thinking that it was not such a good idea to watch someone give birth when you are pregnant (kind of freaked me out knowing i was going to be doing that in 7 months!) But then again you made it look easy…and by easy i mean not horribly scary 🙂 Memories 🙂

    I’m having so much fun reading your blog…keep it up!

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