Hi!  Charles took Seany-boy to the zoo (I hope he can get there before it closes!) and I thought I’d seize the moment and write something nice for my peoples.  So, warm greetings to everyone!

When I started this up, I was worried there might be little to no interest.  I didn’t even want to get my hopes up about comments, followers, even returning readers! (A common worry perhaps?)  But we’ve had 404 views already!  That’s not none!!  And people in nine different countries have checked us out– shout out to my peeps in the US, Cambodia, Georgia, UK, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, and Norway!  How fun is that?!?  Thank you for inspiring me to keep it up and to keep making it better.  You rock!  My family and I are truly feeling the love.

How will GTH evolve from here?  Go Team Hampton is not just about fun for me- I want it to be fun for you!  If you’re willing, please craft and post a comment or take a moment to cast your vote here so we can get a better idea of what you like to hear about most.  I try to reply to every comment, so share the love and get some back in return!

If you have been reading this blog, looking it over and giving feedback when I was trying to start up, checking back daily, posting comments and ‘likes’ or even to those who are only able to give it a casual glance now and then- THANK YOU!!!  Every view means so much to me.  =D

p.s.  Leave a comment!  Want to check out some of our other posts, or see if there are any you might have missed?  Click here to go to our home page.


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