Bobcat Sighting

This morning Sean was looking out the window into the back yard and when I came to see what he was looking at, it was one of these!  
Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to grab my camera, but he looked very similar to the picture and was about 2-3 times the size of our (huge) house cats.  I noticed his stubby tail right away and that clinched my thought that this wasn’t just a neighbors outdoor cat or something.

The bobcat was climbing like a spider DOWN the trunk of our huge oak tree, jumped to the ground, looked right at us, and slinked out a gap in our back fence and up the mountainside.

I knew we had bobcats in the area.  One of the first nights we were in this house, neighbors were out in the street quite late, so Charles went out to see what was going on.  They told him that there was a bobcat treed in the neighbors yard!  I knew then that we were in for a bit more contact with the wild than we were used to from apartment living!!

Since then we’ve had a few other exciting (some scary!) encounters.

The most dangerous was a baby rattlesnake we found right next to the steps into the garage.  It still worries me a bit that Sean will be the one to find the next one.

I have seen the occasional coyote stalking along in broad daylight or running brazenly down the street at night.

We have a peacock with a beautiful full tail feathers living near by who we sometimes see on walks as well as 3 other males with stubby tails but who have epic street battles!

Also, we recently had a mole move in and start digging up our front yard.  He got caught in a trap so we actually got to see him- he was very cute!  Sadly, he died.

And right now, we have ground squirrels eating our chard!  They ate all our fruit before it got ripe and for awhile, were absconding with green tomatoes.  I’d better go stop ’em!!


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