Our little scholar

I’m very happy to have a kid that enjoys books so much, especially since Charles and I both love reading.  The other day Sean came up to me saying, “Green book! Green book! Read green book?”  I didn’t know what book he was referring to, but that was quickly resolved when he procured the ‘green book’ off of Daddy’s bookshelf.  He occasionally likes to pull down these books just to thumb through the pages and I can see why he was drawn to this one more than the others- at least it had pictures!  So, what book was it?   

Oh yeah, totally appropriate.Yeah.  Just in case you can’t see the title in the pic, it’s Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe.  Some light reading.  =)

But then proceeded to tell me all about his book.  From his perspective of course.  First, he told me about the yellow, green, and red words.

After some time, I asked him what the book was about, just to see what he’d say.   “Peoples!” he cheerfully replied, turning the book toward me so I could see the front cover.  “Oh, people?” I asked.  He flipped carefully through the pages until he came to this one:

“Man, woman!” he said.  “I see!” said I.

He continued to point out some of the other pictures to me as he came across them while flipping through the pages.

A bit later he proceeded to follow me into the kitchen, sitting down in the doorway, ‘reading’ some more.  I thought the whole thing was super cute and kind of hilarious, so I called Charles to come see.

So cute!!he's really focused!

After a few minutes, he moved to another spot in front of the other bookshelf and I thought he looked so scholarly, I had to snap another pic.  He happened to look up and smile and I almost caught it at it’s height, but not quite!  Love his natural smile, but have yet to catch it in a picture.  Maybe next time!

Sean was so excited about this book!


2 thoughts on “Our little scholar

    • Thanks Daphne! It’s really good to hear from you. Your little Maya is quite adorable herself!! Sean does seem to be so much bigger lately, especially since there has been a wave of new babies being born recently. I guess he’s not a baby anymore- even tho I often still think of him that way. Hope to meet Maya sometime and we’d all love to see both you and Ryan again! Hope you’re doing well in far off lands.

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