Water Play

Lately, the weather has been SO HOT.  If I go outside at 7am, I do not expect it to be 84 degrees!!  I want to get back inside ASAP.  Blech.  Sean, however, does not seem to mind the heat and still wants to play outside.  So, outside naked time plus water play is my go-to solution to keep both him and me from totally melting or getting burned to a crisp.

The combo of playing with water and wearing less clothes seems a perfect match for those hot days when he just needs to get outside for a bit.  When I turn the hose on, even at a trickle, this kid will eagerly snatch it up and use it to water everything.  It’s great- he can play independently for quite a long time and I get a little rest- even if I’m still melting.  Sean can get really absorbed with watering the rocks (which turn nice colors), potted plants, toys- basically anything around.  He loves to water his own feet!  Sean’s new favorite is making a patch of dirt into mud.  This is not my favorite.  I think it started when I asked him if he’d water some dry patches where plants were struggling instead of the patio, which can get slippery when wet.  I explained that the water will help the plants grow.


That day, he seemed on board for about 30 seconds and then it was back to the tiles.  Now that patch of grass is dead but he sure has fun watering the patch of dirt!  Oh well.

Sometimes, we do what we now call ‘naked time’.  Naked time stemmed from Sean almost always ending up soaking wet by the time we were done playing with the hose.  He often, I think mostly accidentally, was watering most of his front as well as whatever else he was trying to water.  So we started taking more and more clothes off to reduce the amount of wet clothes and outfit changes we had to deal with in a day.  And now, it’s just ‘naked time!’  It’s gotten to the point where he’ll ask [tell?] me, “Naked Boy?” and tug at his shirt when he wants to play with the hose.  So cute.

When combined with naked time, mommy can relax more during water play.  I don’t  stress about Sean’s clothes and diaper turning into a soaking, muddy mess.  (Less laundry= good!)  In addition, I feel good about him getting some vitamin D and airing out his bum which is stuck in a diaper the vast majority of every day.  Potty training soon maybe?

As for me, I figured out how to stay a little cooler outside on those hot days.  I set up my beach umbrella through the arm of a patio chair to make a little shade station for mommy!  That, or let Sean ‘water’ my feet and legs.  =)

“Grow!  Help!” Sean says.


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