The Journey to Reno

Recently, we went on an epic road trip up to Reno, Nevada with our not-quite-2-year-old..  Why did we drive?  Why not fly?  (We wanted to save $900?  We don’t like schedules?)

Well, whatever we were thinking, we drove.  And it took just about 10.5 hours each way–  Goodtimes!  

Actually, Sean (our son) did great.  Considering.

We left in the afternoon right after he woke up from his nap and drove and drove.  (This is after last time, when we made the mistake of trying to leave earlier, hoping he’d sleep in the car.  Nope.)  He played with some toys, talked to himself.

We stopped about every 2 hours.  Sean enjoyed some music, ate some snacks, and Charles and I chatted until we couldn’t think of much else to talk about.  We drove and drove and drove some more.  Night fell, we drove on.  We finally passed Sacramento.  We saw the RV sales place we hoped to stop at to kill some time during our first or second break on the way back.  We were practically there!  Kinda.

Sean fell asleep, oh, 2 hours after his usual bedtime. (And of course he woke up every time we stopped– but thanks to the magic of breastfeeding!– he conked back out easily as soon as we packed him back in.)

Once it got to be past midnight, it got rough for us grownups.  There we were, two perpetually sleep deprived parents trying to JUST GET THERE on a narrow mountain road with one lane for long stretches, no shoulder and construction zones left and right.  We worried about altitude changes bothering Sean’s ears but he did fine.

We got off at a different exit than usual and got to creep slowly through downtown Reno at 1 something am.  But finally, just before 2 am, we arrived at Nan’s house!  Hooray!!!

The rest of the night, not so good.  But more on that later.   maybe.  =)

The rest of the trip was pretty good- lots of cute moments with Nan (Charles’ grandma).  More on the rest of the trip later too- I hope!

The Tiny reads with Nanny

She read to him a bunch which was great.  This is them reading ‘Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel’.  All the way home (another 10+ hour drive!) he kept saying things like “… Mike Mulligan…. Popperville! …. New York! …”  New and big words for our tiny.


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