Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to Team Hampton’s family blog!

I’m hoping this will be a place where you can see what’s new with us and, as time goes by, what’s old with us too!  We chose the name “Go Team Hampton” because it’s a thing we say when we accomplish something– but we ALSO hope that as we share with you, you will know that you’re helping support our ‘team’ with your love and thoughts.

Thanks for teaming up with us!


6 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome!

  1. Cool Blog, I have been wanting to do one also, If you can get enough followers you can advertise and make money on it with social spark. I am going to try that once I start one. This is a great start, I have already bookmarked it. Your son looks so much like Charles!

    • Thanks Laurel! I am hoping I can find something that works for us and keep up with it. I appreciate your encouragement!! Hope you are able to start you blog up as well! To quote the article that inspired me to start this up tonight- Why not start today? =)

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